China remains an enigma to many.  It is different by its culture, geographically distant and very few people speak English.  Many have had their fingers burned in China, attracted by the lower prices, and the improving quality of manufactured goods.  How does one buy securely and at the right price in this mysterious region?

Transporting Your Products with McDOM Trading

How can I find products in China and ship them home?
How can I fully protect my investment?

What are the particularities of inland transportation in China?

How do I negotiate with Chinese shippers?

How can I overcome the language barrier?


Rest assured. McDOM has it covered.  We will follow your product from the price and specification through production and until it is safely onboard ship or aircraft.  We will check you product as much as is necessary in order to ensure you receive what you requested.  We will follow up the arrival of your merchandise at destination and ensure safe delivery to your door.


Let us be your eyes and ears on the ground.  We will secure your transactions and make sure you are not left disappointed.


Our Strengths

Here in Asia, quality control can be needed for myriad reasons and at different steps in the process of buying.  McDOM has the necessary experience to make sure that errors are avoided.  We know your needs and will ensure that they are met.


Mastering both sides of this logistical chain is our business, our reason to exist.  Our checks that your products are of the quality you require will leave you safe knowledge that you have obtained the best price/quality possible, and can sell as such.


McDOM Trading has historical and friendly links though a common past with a number of leading shipping agencies, including the SIFA Group.  SIFA is an internationally recognised forwarder, renowned for its efficiency and organisation along with its human values, an essential dimension for all of McDOM’s partners.

SIFA Group

The SIFA group is historically associated with its transportation of goods to and from the French West Indies.  With a strong link to the Caribbean, the group has spread to other islands around the world and naturally extended its footprint in this sense.  No present on all continents and with offices in every time zone, SIFA is the perfect partner for McDOM.  SIFA has been in business since 1951 and continues to be the professional forwarder it has always been, maintaining close ties with its customers and ensuring timely and cost effective deliveries around the world.

Should you have any needs for other freight, please do not hesitate in contacting them.