China remains an enigma to many.  It is different by its culture, geographically distant and very few people speak English.  Many have had their fingers burned in China, attracted by the lower prices, and the improving quality of manufactured goods.  How does one buy securely and at the right price in this mysterious region?

Sourcing Products in China

You wish to procure products in China but you don’t know where to start?
You are far away and you don’t speak Chinese.  The market is challenging and difficult to understand not to mention the problem of shipping – it seems risky…]


How do you find a Chinese supplier?  How do you know which supplier is best and based on what criteria?  How can I be sure of the import rules for my country (CE, DOT, Health and Safety etc?)  When purchasing from the inner regions of China, what are the consequences on my final delivered price?


McDOM Trading can help you to reply to all of these questions and more.


McDOM Trading can find the supplier you are looking for based on your specifications.


McDOM Trading will analyse the potential suppliers and select the best and most economically viable supplier for you.

McDOM will negotiate prices on your behalf and ensure that you are happy with the selection.

McDOM Trading can organise the shipping of your products depending on your needs by both air and sea.  We can even deliver DDP to your door.

McDOM Trading will follow your production and check your product before it leaves China for quantity, quality, packaging, container stuffing, export and import regulations and insurance etc.



Our Strengths

We specialise in finding the products you seek (sourcing).  We have several partnerships with shipping companies to bring your products safely to your door.  Our knowledge of China and its particularities mean we are best placed to ensure you a seamless service from start to finish.


You will save valuable time and money, all safe in the knowledge that your trusted partner McDOM is following things up on your behalf.