China remains an enigma to many.  It is different by its culture, geographically distant and very few people speak English.  Many have had their fingers burned in China, attracted by the lower prices, and the improving quality of manufactured goods.  How does one buy securely and at the right price in this mysterious region?

 Quality Control in China

You want to order products in Asia.

You don’t appreciate nasty surprises when your goods arrive.

You are not sure how to guarantee the quality of your goods at origin.

You are hesitant to buy from so far away where things seem beyond your control.


McDOM can help you to overcome these fears by being your eyes and ears on the ground.


Our team will ensure that your payments are fully secured on your behalf, since payments are often made in advance in Asia.  We can verify your product, factory or even your current supplier.  We can keep check on your production and your stock inventory.


If ensuring that you find the best suited product for your needs is your goal, rest assured it ours too!