China remains an enigma to many.  It is different by its culture, geographically distant and very few people speak English.  Many have had their fingers burned in China, attracted by the lower prices, and the improving quality of manufactured goods.  How does one buy securely and at the right price in this mysterious region?

You are interested in Chinese made goods but remain sceptical about the quality.  Even if the quality in general of Chinese manufacturing is improving, what happens once you buy?  If there are broken elements after shipping, elements that break through natural use, questions about how to use your purchase?  What about complaints?  You are far away, you may not speak Chinese.  After Sales remains a concern?



McDOM Trading ensures a hotline 24/24h (+33 6 42 87 28 03) to respond to all of your needs and solve any problems you may encounter with products you have sourced through us.  We are the hotline between the supplier and you, should the need be.


Most products are guaranteed for 1 year unless otherwise stated and according to your terms and conditions and we generally negotiate free spare parts with the initial purchase.   If we need to ship parts to you we will follow this up on your behalf and ensure that you are satisfied with the solutions we find.


We will visit the factory in question should a problem persist and ensure that a permanent solution is found.


In extreme cases, a technician speaking your language can be sent to you to solve problems should it be required.

After Sales Service