China remains an enigma to many.  It is different by its culture, geographically distant and very few people speak English.  Many have had their fingers burned in China, attracted by the lower prices, and the improving quality of manufactured goods.  How does one buy securely and at the right price in this mysterious region?

McDOM was initially conceived to service the needs of small and medium sized companies in France’s overseas departments.  McDOM was created in 2012 by Gregory McCann, he himself having spent time in those territories, realised the need for such a structure and subsequently has broadened the scope of the company to service the sourcing.  Recognising the needs of SME’s for a trustworthy partner in China was fundamental to the creation of the company.

McDOM Trading has its Headquarters in Hong Kong with a branch in Guangzhou to facilitate direct communication, negotiation and quality control with Chinese Suppliers.  With an office In Paris and a subsidiary in the USA, McDOM is accessible to anyone seeking to source products from the region.

McDOM was created with the desire to establish true partnerships with its customers and its suppliers to enable safe and cost efficient transaction through the intermediary of a trustworthy and organised partner in the region.

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